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The Turnip cries for Blood....

The hot beef injection was too much for the vegetarian to take. The syringe filled with boiled dead cows blood coarsed thru his veins as he screamed RUTABAYGA! RUTABAYGA! at the top of his lungs. It was amazing he was held down so long since he was dressed as a giant turnip. The Anti Vegan Society, a secret paramilitary black section of the government which took pride in turning these pansies back into men, had been scoping him out while he paraded himself in front of the Annual Carnivore Lovers parade, doing cartwheels and passing out turnip treats to the kids all week long. They had seen him arguing in front of butcher shops in loud tones until he was chased down the street by the butcher with a meat cleaver. They'd seen him kick men eating shishkebabs and slapping asians for eating dogkebobs. This menace had to be stopped, if the parade was to be sucessful and the eventual plan to bring blood lust to humankind a reality. They found him inside a supermarket dancing with another of his ilk, a woman dressed as a giant Carrot doing the twist to a crowd of awed spectators, who just wanted to get their lettuce and leave but these two whackos were in the way and so they had to watch them twist for three minutes while the muzak tweaked speakers blared out Chubby Checker inside the supermarktet.Suddenly they grabbed The Turnip and pulled him off to the back of the market in the butchers section and tied him down. "You will never eat a vegetable again freak" one of the agents dressed in black said, while pushing in his ear piece.Agent #2 got the cows blood ready,cooking it up under a ladle with a match and pulling it into the syringe. "No way," screamed the turnip," I love Ruttabaga,RUTTABAGA!". But it was all in vain and in his veins, the blood is delight no Mr. Renfield, The Turnips eyes turned red and his incisors grew, they released the harnesses holding him and he turned to one side and expelled all the vegetables he had in his system. He hunched over the best he could for a man dressed in a Turnip costume, and began breathing heavily, his nails grew long and he went into fits saying "I want some mooooooore....... "
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